A Tachyon is a Particle Wave of the Purest Energy, Faster Than the Speed of Light.

Light speed travels at almost 990 million feet per second. Tachyon inspires as a much more powerful and faster energy source.  Focused on providing EV drivers with clean energy, TAKYON ($TY) is a dApp powered by AI Energy Solutions Corp. and hosted on the Polygon ($MATIC) blockchain




What will you do with that wall-to-wall TV when there’s no more electricity?

New Smart Contract Technology, Takyon, Fuels EV and Energy Savings While Growing Clean Energy Infrastructure --- Clean Energy Token, EV Charging Infrastructure, Clean Energy token, Renewable energy

TAKYON, with a “K” | Smart Contract Technology Drives AI-Energy Utility, to Steer Payments for EV Charging Globally - What this means

Takyon is the future of payment for Electric Vehicle Chargers (EV Charging) around the globe --- Think Tesla, EVGo, Electrify America, Rivian, Plug Power, ChargePoint, Terravis Energy, Worksport

Hosted on Polygon ($MATIC) and pushing the boundaries of AI, TAKYON ($TY) is a clean energy dApp that aims to decarbonize the environment one EV at a time.

Download the Takyon Pitch Deck, Powered by AI Energy Solution Corp. The future of EV Charging Payments and Fuel Cell Science going into the 21st century.

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New Smart Contract Technology, TAKYON, Fuels EV and Energy Savings While Growing Clean Energy Infrastructure

New Smart Contract Technology, Takyon, Fuels EV and Energy Savings While Growing Clean Energy Infrastructure --- Clean Energy Token, EV Charging Infrastructure, Clean Energy token, Renewable energy

TAKYON lists to Coinstore April 24. What you need to know about dApp technologies.

Exchange Takyon on Coinstore April 24, highest return on cryptocurrency value in 2023

The Future of Energy Exchange: A Deep Dive into TAKYON ($TY) and Its Potential Impact

Takyon is powered by AI Energy Solution Corp., bringing fuel cell science into the 21st century and beyond.

TAKYON on Medium.

Takyon Medium Whitepaper 3.0

Medium Whitepaper 3.0 

Find out what's in the TAKYON whitepaper and why people are starting to take notice.

TAKYON is the future of EV charging

Decentralized Energy
Decentralized energy, clean energy, ev charging, electric vehicle chargers, tesla, chargepoint, electrify america, plug power, rivian, lucid, atlis, hercules, worksport, terravis energy, crypto, cryptocurrency, token

The Future of  Energy Exchange: A Deep Dive into TAKYON ($TY) and its Potential Impact

What's TAKYON's role in the future of decentralized energy exchange? 

Decentralized Energy Infrastructure

Sub-Currency vs. Security
TAKYON as a sub-currency. TAKYON is not a security.

The Case for Why TAKYON ($TY) Shouldn't Be Considered a Security

Article coming soon.

Breaks down $TY as  a sub-currency


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Takyon on CoinMarketCap. Will Takyon Reach $1?
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Takyon will list soon on Coinstore. Top cryptocurrency smart energy sector, ai energy token, subcurrency, renewable energy, clean energy
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TAKYON is revolutionizing crypto. Essentially, it’s the confluence “where crypto meets clean energy electrification.”

The brand itself is geared towards the EV driver, offering a simplified and enjoyable crypto experience, significantly lower cost transactions, massive savings for the vendor and an opportunity to contribute to a much cleaner, brighter and greener tomorrow.

Every interaction with TAKYON leads the world just one step closer toward climate positivity — and a fraction of each kWH transaction goes into funding clean energy innovation. TAKYON puts clean energy in one’s private key, where purchasing power has the potential to increase from one recharge to the next.

Powered by AI Energy Solution Corp.

“We did not inherit Earth from our ancestors, we are borrowing it from our children.”

AI Energy Solution Corp. (AIES) is a brand new startup in clean energy and Fintech that responsibly pushes AI, in conjunction with a dApp-based sub-currency, known as TAKYON ($TY), to meaningfully improve and effectively incentivize North American  — and ultimately global — electrification.

The company aims to address the issues caused by the current electrical grid by providing affordable, accessible energy to every household, business and vehicle. By providing access to a clean, valuable version of this resource, we may not only alleviate poverty but also improve standards of living while positively impacting climates and economies.


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Powered by AI Energy Solutions Corp., Takyon is a major catalyst for the future of payments for EV Charging infrastructure everywhere. Focused on Clean Energy and Fuel Cell Science, AI Energy Solution Corp. has adopted Takyon, a dApp and smart contract technology hosted on the Polygon Blockchain, to create the fastest, most affordable transactions yet! 800 Volt EV Charger Level-2, Superfast Lightning (Tesla, Plug Power, EVGo, ChargePoint, Electrify America, Worksport, Terravis Energy, Microvision, Rivian, Stelantis, Atlis, Jeep, GM, Ultium, LG, Lark Group)