TAKYON, with a “K” | Smart Contract Technology Drives AI-Energy Utility, to Steer Payments for EV Charging Globally 

AI Energy Solutions Chief Digital Officer Stanford Saler Available for Interview. 
TAKYON | Where #AI + #dApps meet global #electrification.

Dear Member of the Media,

Inspired by energy in its purest form, AI Energy Solution Corp. adopts Polygon-based smart contract technology, TAKYON, for EV charging utility.

Did you catch last week’s NewsBreak on TAKYON’s impetus?

According to Precedence Research, the electric vehicle charging industry is forecasted to be worth upwards of $221 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 30% from a modest $19.5 billion in 2021.

We at AI Energy Solution Corp. consider this to be a conservative estimate for two reasons:

This forecast does not factor in possibilities afforded through smart contract technologies in the current or future state of EV charging infrastructure; and

The potential of HFC-powered EV charger technologies has yet to be taken into serious consideration, leaving a number of innovation opportunities on the table.

The expert and visionary behind the implementation of this smart contract technology is Chief Digital Officer Stanford Saler at AI Energy Solution Corp and a long-time advocate of practicality for environmentally focused sustainable energy technologies.

He is available to provide unique points of view on how the respective industries will benefit from this adoption and lend direct insights on not just AI Energy Solution Corp but also how TAKYON will expedite crypto adaptation.

Saler can provide additional insight into each and every aspect of TAKYON’s orchestration, including the unique construction of its dApps and how it combines the features of specialized Ethereum standards conducive to EV charging utility.

He, and all other key stakeholders, foresee TAKYON as a pioneering asset providing a valuable foundation for achieving global climate positivity. With first-rate expertise in dApp, data security architecture and mobile app development, the engineering team is geared to deliver the simplest and most engaging blockchain experience to EV drivers around the world.

If you’re interested in the “whats,” “whys,” and “hows” of TAKYON, learning about a new breed of payments for electric vehicle charging stations, and finding out which industry vendors are supporting it, please do not hesitate to reach out for more information.

Thank you for your time!

Jessica N. Abraham, Public Relations

AI Energy Solution Corp.

AI Energy Solution Corp.

“We did not inherit Earth from our ancestors, we are borrowing it from our children.”

AI Energy Solution Corp. (AIES) is a brand new startup in clean energy and Fintech that responsibly pushes AI, in conjunction with its sub-currency, TAKYON ($TY), to meaningfully improve and effectively incentivize North American — and ultimately global — electrification.

The company aims to address the issues caused by the current electrical grid by providing affordable, accessible energy to every household, business and vehicle. By providing access to a clean, valuable version of this resource, we may not only alleviate poverty but also improve standards of living while positively impacting climates and economies.


TAKYON is revolutionizing crypto. Essentially, it’s the confluence “where crypto meets clean energy and electrification.”

The brand itself is geared towards the EV driver, offering a simplified and enjoyable crypto experience, significantly lower cost transactions, massive savings for the vendor and an opportunity to contribute to a much cleaner, brighter and greener tomorrow.

Every interaction with TAKYON leads the world just one step closer toward climate positivity — and a fraction of each kWH transaction goes into funding clean energy innovation. TAKYON puts clean energy in one’s private key, where purchasing power has the potential to increase from one recharge to the next.


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