What will you do with that wall-to-wall TV when there’s no more electricity?
TAKYON | Where #AI + #dApps meet global #electrification.

Dear Member of the Media,

We’d like to formally invite you to a special invite-only media event at 9 a.m. on March 21, 2023. Members of the media are welcome to join a live broadcast via Zoom, where you will have the opportunity to ask questions, obtain press materials and schedule additional interviews at your request.

A live broadcast of the event will also be available to the public. But any questions asked outside of the invite-only group will not be answered at that time.

TO RSVP: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/takyon-media-day-event-what-will-you- do-when-theres-no-more-electricity-tickets-588501914067

The event will be simulcasted across social media, including LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. And for those who prefer attending in the Metaverse, a virtual version of this event will also be available.

The world faces significant challenges, including a hijacked electrical grid, solar ejections and grid overloads, global climate disasters — and extended outages due to outdated infrastructure that has simply not been optimally enhanced or replaced fast enough.
From EV Adoption to home construction, gap deficiencies and imminent interruptions to banking and tech... We, as a people, need to find solutions — and fast!

At the event, we will be discussing the following:

Climate insecurity and the many threats to our electrical grid

The State of EV — what needs to change and how the current state of EV may push us to this point sooner than later

The end of “Crypto Winter” and TAKYON's contribution to clean energy

We can move towards a smarter, more resilient energy system that benefits all of North America and, ultimately, the rest of the world. Join us.

WHAT: Special invite-only media event discussing the end of crypto winter, the State of EV, Takyon as a form of payment and AIES’ contribution to clean energy as a solution. We’ll also discuss how non-EV/clean energy businesses can benefit from such technologies.

WHERE: Live broadcast via Zoom, simulcasted to LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube, in addition to a virtual event in the MetaVerse

WHY: To address the issues caused by the current electrical grid and introduce an affordable, accessible and clean energy source

WHEN: March 21, 2023, at 9 a.m. EST 

Through the combined power of AI + TAKYON, we can research and develop
technologies of the future yet to be discovered.

We look forward to your attendance and participation in this exciting event — and can’t wait until we’re all connected!

Best regards,

Jessica N. Abraham, Public Relations
AI Energy Solution Corp.

AI Energy Solution Corp.

“We did not inherit Earth from our ancestors, we are borrowing it from our children.”

AI Energy Solution Corp. (AIES) is a brand new startup in clean energy and Fintech that responsibly pushes AI, in conjunction with its sub-currency, Takyon ($TY), to meaningfully improve and effectively incentivize North American — and ultimately global — electrification.

The company aims to address the issues caused by the current electrical grid by providing affordable, accessible energy to every household, business and vehicle. By providing access to a clean, valuable version of this resource, we may not only alleviate poverty but also improve standards of living while positively impacting climates and economies.


TAKYON is revolutionizing crypto. Essentially, it’s the confluence “where crypto meets clean energy and electrification.”

The brand itself is geared towards the EV driver, offering a simplified and enjoyable crypto experience, significantly lower cost transactions, massive savings for the vendor and an opportunity to contribute to a much cleaner, brighter and greener tomorrow.

Every interaction with TAKYON leads the world just one step closer toward climate positivity — and a fraction of each kWH transaction goes into funding clean energy innovation. TAKYON puts clean energy in one’s private key, where purchasing power has the potential to increase from one recharge to the next.


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